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I was inspired to play because everyone in my family was involved in it. If you didn't play an instrument, you sang. If you did play, you also sang. Although it tends to be something that I avoid anymore. There were always guitars around the house and so that seemed to be the natural choice. My dad's side of the family came to the house a lot on the weekends and all the adults would sit around the living room and play and sing bluegrass and general country music. I couldn't wait until I was able to do that, so as soon as I developed "player's fingers," I dove in head first. It was simply a matter of waiting until I could wrap my hands around a guitar neck. It seemed like it would take forever.

I was taught a few chords from my dad and from Tina. I would also pick up songbooks that had the chord fingering charts on the sheet music and learn some chords that way. I think the first song I ever learned to play all the way through was "Jolene" by Dolly Parton. I don't remember it now. That was about 30 years ago. I listened to a lot of the same music that my older sisters did. That is still the good majority of what I listen to now. Ann and Nancy Wilson of the band 'Heart' have played a significant role in the stylings that myself, Tina, and my sister Anita have adopted when playing the guitar. I also tried my hand at the snare drum in school band for two years. I can play a simple rhythm on the drums now, but nothing fancy. If you need a drummer who plays the same rhythm on every song, I'm your girl!

I play because I have a passion for music. I embrace it. It has always been my first love, and I feel free when I play. Even just listening to it gives me a freedom. When I can, I hide away in it. It provides a good sanctuary. My only regret is, I have not written or recorded my own ideas for almost ten years, and I hope that I can change that. I am trying. I got some new equipment recently, so maybe the idea that I spent good money on it will inspire me to use it.

I plan to keep doing this for many years to come. I will admit that there was a point in the 90's that I was ready to lock all my gear in a closet and leave it there. Sometimes when I get frustrated, I consider it. Then I think better of it, and decide that I would be foolish to throw my ability away. Besides, this is what I have a passion for, and there are too many people in my circle who would not let me get away with that anyway! ; )

  patty's bio | lynna's bio | joel's bio | tina's bio | terri's bio  


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