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t i n a ' s  b i o g r a p h y

Born and raised in Ohio. I lived in a little town called Terre Haute. But it is pronounced totally different than the Indiana one. There are 6 of us Thornhill girls from Ohio.

My father’s family would gather on Saturdays and play country music. I can remember everyone playing an instrument of some kind. I learned early on that if you wanted to play along you had to learn to play whatever guitar, banjo, bass or mandolin was sitting around. I remember playing long into the night and falling asleep in a chair with the guitar in my lap.

On my mom’s side of the family, everyone sings. My mom and 2 of her sisters sang together. They had their own radio program when they were young and continue to sing for churches and events. They are well known in that area. They taught me harmonies and how to sing from the heart.

I remember mom sitting me, Anita - my older sister, and Karen - my next younger sister, on our kitchen table and teaching us how to harmonize with each other while she made dinner. Sometimes directing us with whatever was in her hand, like a spoon or a knife or a stick of butter. Throughout elementary school years I was in musicals and shows.

Anita and I began to play guitar with a songbook that we had purchased. We played a lot of John Denver, Carole King and the like. We continued to play acoustic shows throughout our lives. We then became part of a bluegrass band called “Blue Sunshine.” We played at many festivals and events.

I then had some opportunities to play upright bass for several bluegrass names when I was about 12 years old. Like Hi-Lo Brown and someone else that was well known except by me.

I played drums throughout my years of school. I was crazy about our marching band that was well known in the area. “The Marching Band From Falcon Land” is patterned after the “Marching 110” at Ohio University. I was nominated for “Ohio State McDonald Award.”

Right after high school, I joined a rock band called “Old Troy Pike,” named after the road our practice barn was on. Patty was the drummer in this band.

In 1983 my family relocated to the Springfield, Illinois, area to start a Dominos Pizza franchise. Several Ohio musicians moved with us. We started a band called “Thornhill.” It has been through several musicians and styles but throughout, mostly, Patty has remained the drummer.

After several attempts at finding the right combination for my originals, it finally came together with these fine musicians and friends.

I hope to keep playing music until they pry the guitar out of my cold, crippled hands or I lose my hearing. (That sounded gross - but true)

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